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Unleashed Photography

Brendon Kelly

Unleashed Photography is an Equine and Charity focused photography company. I believe in helping charities that are making a difference in society. Professional photography services are expensive, so I will happily do your photo shoot at no cost to you, except for transport, depending on the work that you do. I support Tom Ro Haven as they are making a huge difference in horses and people’s lives.

Animal Feeds

Animal Feeds Western Province, already well known to locals as Animal Feeds and now under new ownership, remains the friendly feed store you've come to know over the past 3 years. Located in Kommetjie, Cape Town, we offer personalised service and cater for a wide range of animal feed requirements, from horse, dog, and cat foods, to various fowl and bird feeds, as well as rabbit, guinea pig and hamster feeds. For our horse owners, we are able to cater for and deliver bulk roughage as well as your monthly feed and shavings requirements to take the hassle out of collecting it yourself.

Horse Tinkers

Jane Nock

I help support a wonderful local Equine and Children’s Charity called Tom Ro Haven Equines and Children by donating 50% of every item purchased. I use traditional hand braiding, Victorian and ancient Japanese techniques to create beautiful contemporary horse horse jewellery unique to you in my spare time.

Nordic Travel

We support Tom Ro Haven for equines and children. Nordic Travel is a Norwegian owned and run tour operator based in Cape Town, South Africa. Guests are welcome to bring items they want to donate, such as stationery, clothes, shoes, toiletries etc. Please contact us for more information.


Aloe juice has been used in the equine industry in many parts of the world, for a long time with much success, and especially in the diet and treatment of performance horses.

Marina van Rensburg

Gillian and her daughter work day and night, 24/7, 365 days year in and year out to protect and care for these horses and children. Its our duty to make sure they have all they need to go on with this amazing work. Please donate whatever u can

Mandy Croucamp

What a wonderful place for horses to heal and to be free and so well card for ! I salute you !!

Meadow Feeds

Jennifer Lee

Meadow’s historical and continued success is driven by ensuring nutritional supremacy and the consistency of supplying quality animal feeds and nutritional solutions to its globally competitive customers.

The Homestead

We are always grateful for the interns, students and volunteers who give so much of their time to The Homestead.

Alan Shmaman

I started off volunteering here a year ago. Very happy to be part of this organization. The Tom Ro Haven does excellent work rescuing abused and neglected horses and providing equine assisted therapy.

Benson Nathan Arendse

This place is paradise for horsing and kids. Each of the horses have a unique set of circumstances they have overcome. Their existence speaks about persistence and resilience

Bronwyn Hahn

Wow! What a beautiful thing to observe such commitment to these majestic souls... I was particularly blown away by the level of knowledge and understanding the volunteers had for each and every horse, their prior experiences of life, their sensitivities, fears, injuries and personalities. We will support this worthy cause wholeheartedly! Thanks for inspiring us to kindness! X

Michele Roberts

Gill I am so inspired by your project. The horses are so beautiful. Walking down the barn at supper time i hear them all chomping away at their food happily. All nice and warm in their stables. I feel moved to reach out and try do more to assist. Rescuing these precious animals is only the first step. Having had horses for years I know the on going costs and needs involved. I pray that this project, the horses and all the children that are and those that still will benefit will be richly blessed and that the haven will be in a position to rescue more horses in dire need. Knowing that there are horses starving, in pain or being abused each day wrenches my heart and soul. Even though you receive very little financial support you still manage to feed 15 horses and ponies. Thank you for your sacrifice. Xxx

Anna Pritchard Herholdt

Each day I thank God that I am associated with this selfless organization. ....the team of angels lead by Gillian Anne McCulloch . ..put the needs of animals and humans in need before their own.....I salute Tom Ro who are so brave.. carrying on with their passion and mission in life....even though they have to bear the consequences of ignorant people's actions and words ..... I am forever grateful...proud...and honoured to have you all in my life......

Lisa Cant-Haylett

Tom Ro Haven is so incredibly important on so many levels - not only for the place of safety it provides to its resident ponies and horses or the wonderful opportunities for children from all walks of life to interact with and learn from them, opportunities which, if it weren't for the haven, would not exist. The Haven needs to keep "its doors open", please consider helping financially or volunteering. We will continue to do all we can to support the Haven - Robyn and Lisa.

TJ Christie

After viewing several videos (Bonny and her son, Flash; Bella) and reading on-line articles and reviews, I can only say I wish the folks at Tom Ro Haven peace, prosperity and joy. The work they are doing for (all) horses is IMMENSE. Here in America, so many horses are abused and put to death while lots of single individuals strive to rescue them, alone, feeling hopeless and helpless as the stream of them seems never-ending. It is difficult especially for us residents of cities here to bind together across states' borders, donate funds, give needy horses a home, provide for their needs, etc. I do not think I have EVER heard of a place of this size and quality anywhere else in the world. When I heard that you were in South Africa, I was disappointed because I wanted to visit, I wanted to actually see the place, and I wanted to see about perhaps adopting a horse for my disabled brother in Virginia, and now I cannot do so. My Clan (our family, our tribe) and I are growing older now, and several of us are disabled, so we do not have as much available (funds) as we used to, to donate to charity, but I shall continue to believe that good IS as good DOES, and when God/dess provides my Clan with prosperity as always does happen, I hope to help you with more than words. In the meanwhile, you will be prayed for, worked for, and publicized in my own small way. Blessed Be you, and your great work. Namaste.

Lorna Strydom

Amazing, inspirational animal lovers from my beloved husbands South Africa! Gillian McCulloch i salute u, my fellow equinate!! God bless u and Bonny, i live in hope that if i am lucky enough to visit Marius's homeland i have the good fortune to meet u and ur amazing mare. U have brought tears to my eyes and immense pride to my heart. May all u wish for come to pass this year. In friendship and respect, Mrs Lorna Strydom xx

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