Rosie Needs Help

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15 Apr 2020
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Rosie Needs Help

To everyone who has supported Tom Ro, thank you. Since we moved to Noordhoek in March we have had 4 Colics! It must have been the stress of the move.

We have not been able to pay off anything of our Vets bill, and despite this our wonderful vet Dr Stefan Claasen came out again on Tuesday to treat Rosie who had started to colic in the morning.

We monitored her all day and in the night as well and she was fine yesterday. This morning there is evidence of a bleed from her vaginal area. There is no sign of injury and no geldings are mounting her.

Upon discussion with Dr Claasen, we are going to need to have an ultrasound done and bloodwork.

Rosie - Tom Ro HavenThis beautiful Appaloosa mare came to us terrified and so abused. She has come to realise what love and trust is and is a wonderful gentle loving horse. (Click here to learn more about Rosie.)

Please help us to give her the best possible care.

The tests are going to cost in the region of R6,000, and we still owe close to R8,000.

I you can even contribute a little, please deposit directly to the Vet account.
Noordhoek Equine
Standard bank
Account No. 072123788
Branch 036009
Reference: Tom Ro Haven

Help us to help Rosie and to continue giving the herd the best veterinary treatment when they need it.
Thank you all.

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  1. Gillian says:

    Update on Rosie
    We are pleased to announce that we raised the money to go ahead with the tests and ultra sound for Rosie.
    Stefan came today to do the blood work and we have been given some of the test results, Rosie’s kidneys and liver are all fine so that is great news. Tomorrow we will be doing the ultra sound and we would like to thank NRA for letting us use one of their stables as we have to have a dark place so we can see the screen.
    A very very BIG thank you to everyone that helped us with Rosie we are so so grateful you have no idea. The money was put straight into the vets account so here is the amazing helpers that I know that donated please if you did donate please let me know via whatsapp on 0787476965 so I can thank you
    Andie and Mark
    Chris Strangways-Dixon
    Hester Helsem
    Nettie Herselman
    Jen and Alwen
    Luan from Looters
    Thank you haven angels so so much ❤️ 🙏🙏🙏🐴🐴
    Thank you for helping this amazing special girl.
    Just a reminder if you have donated please let us know via whatsapp 🙏🙏🙏
    We will do a follow up once we have done the ultra sound. Please keep rosie in your prayers ❤️🐴

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