1 Jun 2019
21 May 2019


Key facts

Breed Thoroughbred mix
Colour Grey
Hands 16.2
Special needs Exercise and Love
Tack needed Outdoor Blanket, Fly Sheet, Fly Mask, Fly Spray, Fly Boots

About the horse

Merideth was surrendered to The Haven in June 2019. After being rescued from bush racing with Lindor, Tom Ro Haven saved her life and have given her a forever home. She is a spirited horse and cannot be ridden, and she will live out his days with The Haven and will only used for therapy.

It costs The Haven R4 000 a month to keep me. I would also be grateful for an Outdoor Blanket, Fly Sheet, Fly Mask, Fly Spray, Fly Boots to make me more comfortable.

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Personal Info

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  2. Bank: Standard Bank
  3. Account Number: 332 772 136
  4. Branch: Blue Route
  5. Branch Code: 025609

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Donation Total: R100

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