25 Jan 2019
Here Comes The Boom
25 Jan 2019

Key facts

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour Chestnut
Hands 16.7
Training Bella cannot be ridden or worked and is only used for therapy
Special needs Relief for my knee and bad gait
Tack needed Fly Rug, Fly spray, Outdoor Blanket, Joint Relief Boot

About the horse

Beautiful gentle Bella was found by people who work for a dog rescue service, alone in the bush up the west coast of Cape Town, starving and skeletal with a broken knee. The authorities wanted to euthanase immediately, but the rescuers refused. The Haven was contacted and she came to us. She developed a serious infection in her good leg and again we were advised to put her down. The vet was persuaded to give her a chance, and she survived to go from strength to strength. Many people who see her standing with her crippled leg, grazing, still think it would be kinder to euthanase. But if they are lucky they will witness her galloping and playing.

She is an intuitive empathetic horse and has healed so many people. She is an active member of the herd, and plays and runs with them. 

Bella now has a permanent sponsor that takes care of all her needs! Thank You!!

I cost The Haven about R4 500 a month to keep me. My banged-up knee and the way I walk now mean I need treatment for my joint and my hoof trimmed more often. I would also like Fly Rug, Fly spray, Outdoor Blanket and a Joint Relief Boot.

Thank you for the new fly mask and boots!

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