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2 Oct 2019

A Place Of Strength

A place of strength is what News24 journalist Tiyese Jerani has called Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children. Commenting that The Haven has become a […]
14 Jun 2019
Costs of a Horse Rescue

Costs of a Horse Rescue

Costs of a horse rescue to Tom Ro Haven charity are a huge responsibility. A cost that horse owners a well aware of. Also aware of […]
14 Aug 2018
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Saved By A Trusty Steed

Personal tragedies experienced by Gillian McCulloch and her family are helping to rescue youth. From Ocean View, Masiphumelele and The Homestead in Khayelitsha. From human trafficking […]
25 Apr 2016
Fashion Horses

Fashion Horses

Our stud of fashion horses had a busy day modeling as photo shoot props. The talented hairstylist Salome Dewet and photographer HJVDM did our handsome stud […]
19 Dec 2015

IFAW Protects Animals

IFAW is a global non-profit organization that protects animals and the places they call home. Founded in 1969, IFAW has provided almost 50 years of global […]
28 Sep 2013
Horses cleaning

Broken Neck Pony’s Son

Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children is committed to rescuing horses and using them to help people and to educate those same people. The benefits […]
1 Jan 2013
Why Tom To Haven. China Plus Film Shoot

Why Tom To Haven

Why Tom To Haven came about was to rescue horses and ponies. And to provide a facility where groups of children can be brought to have […]
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